Volunteering at Redeemed Goods

Redeemed Goods runs mostly on volunteers; in fact, we have 35+ volunteers.  Some volunteers come faithfully at the same time every week, others come 3-4 times a week as their schedules permit and some come in occasionally for a few hours here and there. 
As we continue to grow we need more helping hands. 

If you think you would like to be involved, download the Volunteer Application. Applications can be delivered to the store any day during business hours.

Our volunteers can work in 4 different positions:

Store Clerk

If you are very sociable, love staying busy and have a positive attitude, volunteering as a store clerk may be for you.

Store clerks assist customers in finding items in the store, selecting/finding sizes in clothing, checking our back room for specific items that customers are looking for, cleaning and merchandising the store and occasionally moving furniture. Not all store clerks are trained on the cash register. This is reserved for people who have been volunteering for a while and know our prices and policies well.

Back Room

The back room it the area behind the scenes, used for receiving, sorting and cleaning donations.

If you are a bit more reserved or shy, volunteering in the back room may be for you.  This position usually has one to two people working per shift.  In our back room, you can work at a pace that suits you.  Aside from accepting donations, there is little interaction with customers.  All products are cleaned thoroughly before going into the store for sale.  This is a meticulous job that requires a meticulous person. After the products are cleaned, they are placed on our warehouse shelving units until the store clerks come to take them up to the store. 

If you like driving, we also have opportunities to volunteer on the truck, picking up items from donors and making deliveries to the warehouse.  To be a driver you must have a valid driver's license and clean driving history.  A back ground check is done by our insurance provider prior to approval to drive the truck.

Sorting Room

Volunteering in the sorting room is a great place to meet people.  We always have 2 people working together in this area and it's in the same place as our break room so all workers come and go through this space.

If you have a friend that you would like to volunteer with, this is an area that may be great for the two of you to work together. If you are volunteering alone, don't worry, new volunteer partners are made all the time that have resulted in lasting friendships. In the sorting room, all cloth items are examined.  Clothing must be damage free, stain free and scent free to be put out in the store.  The clothing that doesn't meet our standards do not go to waste though; we send them to a textile dealer or make rags out of them.  Linens are sorted to the same standard but those that don't meet our standard but have a lot of life left in them are sent to another charity who gives them away. It is a lot of fun unpacking the clothing.


This position is at our warehouse at 933 Forks Road West.

Duties here are similar to those of the back room (including receiving and sorting) but includes testing electronics.  All electrical items and those that require batteries are tested before being sent to the store to sell. If you like to work on your own, this is a good area for you.  It is nice and quiet at the warehouse which allows you to really sink into the task you are doing.