Redeemed Goods' 10th Anniversary

Posted Jul 20th, 2018

Next week is Redeemed Goods' 10th anniversary! Over 10 years ago, God gave the vision to expand from one small clothing room to an entire store. Thanks to a generous donor who provided the finances to buy the store property and renovate it, we were able to move into the building at 298 Crowland Avenue.

Volunteers worked tirelessly to create a beautiful space where people who can't afford to shop at higher priced "new" item stores (or those that just appreciate a good bargain!) can buy gently used clothing and household goods at very affordable prices. (Check out some of the before/construction photos below) Everyone can have the dignity of choosing and purchasing what they need. Also, people in emergency situations are able to receive items for free through our voucher system.

Over the last few years, we have really developed our partnerships with other organizations and our vocational training program. As we provide a safe place to learn and develop job skills, we have seen trainees grow in their confidence and abilities. If you go into the mall, you will meet several of our trainees who have graduated and now work in stores at the mall!

We are excited to see what God has in planned for the future of Redeemed Goods and thank Him for all the donations, volunteers and love that has allowed us to be a blessing through the store for the last 10 years. Stop by the store Monday, July 23 to Saturday, July 28 to get in on the basket draws, special sales and celebrate with us.